Destinations weddings

Destinations weddings

Do you dream of feeling the sand between your toes during your wedding ceremony and looking at the wide sea?

Or you want to celebrate this special day on a romantic vineyard in the middle of Tuscany? Your yes-word, accompanied by exotic sounds and Balinese dances, will remain in your memory forever?

Then let yourself be inspired by our various offers for a wedding abroad.

You will benefit from our years of experience and local support.

Dolce amore

Wedding in Italy

Enjoying la dolce vita in Italy

Whether on a romantic vineyard in Tuscany, with your feet in the water of the Amalfi Coast,

an exclusive villa overlooking Lake Garda or on a gondola ride through the canals of Venice

 - Italy is diverse and  always retains its dreamy southern charm.

That is exactly why it offers excellent wedding venues.

You can immerse yourself in a short holiday here or celebrate the most important day of your life.

Many of our weddings take place in Italy. In seven years we have built up an extensive

 provider network. This means that we also know a large number of venues -

as villas, agritourisms, beach restaurants or hotels.

We are happy to support you in your planning.

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Party with love and paella

Getting married in Spain

Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of Mallorca

Mallorca is now not only popular as a party location. The island offers an unbelievable variety of activities,

a diversity of landscapes with its palm gardens, its floral splendour, the wonderful Tramuntana mountains,

with its hidden coves in the west of the island and its extensive sandy beaches, Mallorca is a place that attracts many people.

In addition you have the sun of Spain, drem wedding venues like romantic fincas, villas with wonderful gardens or

chilly beach bars.

There is something for every taste. You can reach the island in only a few hours by plane.

And your guests could stay longer for a short holiday in Mallorca.

We have been planning weddings in Mallorca for more than eight years now. We are happy to be by your side during your planning.

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La Creme de la Creme wedding

Wedding in France

Enjoy the charm of Provence and the island of beauty.

You can get married in a historic castle on the Loire or

celebrate in a more rustic way in a Romanesque stone house in the middle of the sweet lavender fields of Provence.

 Celebrated  your wedding on the breathtaking island of beauty, Corsica or other secret paradise islands.

Those are only a few minutes by boat from the mainland,

Even a wedding in the city of love - Paris - with its romantic alleys is something very special.

Or would you like to make your marriage proposal there?

France offer is full of charm.

Celebrate your wedding with French elegance.

We will be happy to accompany you with our French-, English-speaking wedding planner.

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Spicy Island Wedding

Getting married in Bali

Enjoy the exotic Bali with its fascinating cuisine

Bali is an island with hundreds of kilometres of lonely sandy beaches in a wide variety of colours.

A wedding ceremony under palm trees overlooking the sea will give you unforgettable moments.

But also beautiful wedding churches are often chosen here for religious weddings.

 Bali also offers the eye extraordinary sights. Not only the incomparable temple complexes, waterfalls or spice markets pulsating with life will make every guest rave about the island for a long time.

A wedding in Bali is therefore not only an extraordinary wedding venue... It is also a honeymoon paradise.

Especially for small weddings Bali is an incomparably dream place to get married.

It is unusual here that you can be married in only one ceremony, both churchly and civil wedding.

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Beach Coconut Wedding

Getting married in Hawaii

Enjoy the variety of Hawaii

In Hawaii they say: "Maui no ka oi" ("Maui is the most beautiful of all Hawaiian islands").

It unites all these things,

what the other islands have to offer individually and exactly where beautiful sandy beaches, rainforests,

lava rock and small tourist resorts are combined, is the perfect place for a wedding.


It doesn't matter whether it's on a sandy beach in the morning when the water is still turquoise and the sky is blue,

whether in the romantic evening with at sunset or in the afternoon in a green private garden.

In any case, we will find a suitable venue there that meets your wishes.

Our wedding planner on site will accompany you through your ceremony.

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Cape Wine Wedding

Getting married in South Africa

In a wedding dress next to the lion king

A dream wedding in the middle of winter but in bright sunshine?

Then come to South Africa. Get married in the most beautiful area of South Africa, along the Garden Route.

Here you will not only enjoy the azure blue sea with its long white sandy beaches, but also

a Mediterranean climate with beautiful vineyards - and this between October and April


You can celebrate here very intimately just the two of you or with your family and friends.

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