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Each wedding is different and every couple has its own wishes and dreams. Here you will find a selection of different services, from the recommendation of a provider to the complete planning. You will surely find a suitable offer for you to make the planning of your wedding as relaxed as possible. We will be happy to advise you in a personal and non-binding conversation about the details. Simply arrange a non-binding appointment with us.

From aperitif to dessert

Our complete planning

How long can a party be held in this wedding venue? Which documents do I

have to bring to the registry office? Can I also rely on the DJ? How much

can the wedding cake cost? What kind of food will my guests like? Is it

the season for those flowers at my wedding time? What is the best seating

arrangement? Where can my guests spend the night and how do you go

there? The planning of a dream wedding is extensive and always offers

(unexpected) surprises. With the complete planning you can sit back and

relax and enjoy your celebration with all topics around your wedding.

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The perfect room for your dinner

Locationscout - The perfect wedding venue is half of the battle

How long can a party be held in the venue? Do the rooms offer enough space for all guests? How good is the food? Is the service friendly? Which prices are fair? After you tell us your wishes, we will put together perfect and good reputed venues for you. We have already clarified all important questions. You only have to look at the best two or three wedding venues and then decide. You can be sure that the venue is recommendable and that you saved a lot of time.

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The right cook

Our provider recommendation

Maybe you are still looking for the band to  get the perfect party mood? Or the photographer who captures the perfect mood? Or a hair dresser who knows exactly what is important for the bridal haircut ? We know many professional providers for your wedding. We are happy to recommend providers who will make your celebration unforgettable.

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Be a guest at your party - celebrate in a relaxed way

Our company on the wedding day

You have already planned a lot, but want to celebrate your wedding day in a relaxed way?

Then we will plan the smooth daily routine with you. On the day of your wedding, we pull the strings in the background so that everything runs as planned and you can celebrate in a relaxed way. We are the contact for the providers and your guests. We are also happy to take care of the decoration, place the place cards, the gifts and the seating plan. We take care of all the little things that still need to be done on the wedding day.

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The eye eats with

Our decoration package

Are you still missing the brilliant idea for your wedding decoration? Or you have a rough idea, but it doesn't fit together?

We would be happy to design the mood board for your wedding.

With a mood board, everything comes together to form a beautiful picture. Wedding colours, wedding motto, favourite flowers - we have everything in mind and support you with a lot of heart and creativity. Of course we have vases, candlesticks, rose arches, etc. We would be happy to decorate your party together with our florist.

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Say yes... for a wedding with a personal touch

Your symbolic wedding ceremony

Do you wish for your wedding someone who finds the right words for you? Then decide for a symbolic wedding ceremony.

Words that come from the heart highlights the importance of this special day. With a symbolic wedding ceremony all these moments become a precious memory.

The officiants of our agency will lead an intensive preliminary meeting with you, in which they get to know you. They will also advise you on where and how your wedding ceremony can be arranged. They will give you tips on the progress of events, on possible symbols, recommend perfect music and give you ideas on the visual design of your wedding ceremony.

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The pleasures of the earth

Destinations Weddings

Many couples want a location with guaranteed sunshine for their wedding that's why  a party in a sunny country is just the right thing. If you can imagine a wedding abroad simply enjoying this day under a romantic olive grove in Italy, in a finca in Mallorca or even further away under palm trees in Bali. Since 2019 we have also been planning weddings in Hawaii, South Africa, France and Morocco.

We know the local conditions and are happy to help you make your dream come true.

Just say "yes" to our complete service for a wedding abroad.  Also say "yes" to our English-speaking wedding planner on site. We know reliable partners and venues that will contribute to make your wedding indescribably beautiful.

Dolce amore

Wedding in Italy

Pizza, pasta e amore!

Can it be more romantic than a wedding in the land of love?

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Party with Paella and Love

Getting married in Spain

Experience the Mediterranean flair

the Balearic Islands with a dream wedding

on the beach.

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Spicy Island Wedding

Getting married in Bali

You love it colourful and exotic? With sweet scents and hot spices? Then maybe a wedding on Bali is just the right thing!

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Beach Coconut Wedding

Getting married in Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery.

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Cape Wine Wedding

Getting married in South Africa

Get married where the huge power of nature is tangible and the earth shows its most beautiful side. 

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La Creme de la creme Wedding

Wedding in France

For a rustical wedding, but with French elegance in the beautiful Provence and its lavender fields or on the island of Beauty,Corsica for example

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Jasmine 1001 Night Wedding

Wedding in Morocco

Getting married in the dream palaces of the Orient for an 1001 Nights wedding atmosphere.

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